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 It started with the simple need to give back. Founder, Dora Molina, noticed herself living a predictable life that was not what she envisioned herself to live. Day to day she lived a life without passion or purpose and truly felt like she was missing something. She realized that she had to be part of something bigger and knew that whatever route she took, it had to, without a doubt, give back to humanity. Finally, something sparked inside of her that allowed her to see the bigger picture of things; do something purposeful and the passion will follow.


This is the moment that The Charity Wrap was born.


The idea is to empower those who have been battered, abused, and neglected. That’s why 20% of your purchase will be donated to 1 out of 5 of the organizations that we work with.


Thank you for being part of our purpose and I hope we help you live yours!


Happy Giving!

The Charity Wrap Team